Sixty Personality Types of Chinese Astrology


Sixty Personality Types of Chinese Astrology

Your life path is charted by the interplay between the Five Elements, Yin/Yang, Ten Stems and Twelve Branches (Zodiac Signs).

Once you calculate your Ba Zi chart – your Chinese astrology horoscope – you will find your 'Self', the Zodiac sign governing the day of your birth and your Personality Type (Day Column).

Chinese Astrology for Love and Relationships

This is also the text about your Self and your love life.

Discover how your Self, together with the Chinese Zodiac sign of your Day Pillar, affect your love life and influence the way you choose the partner(s). Discover your weak and strong sides when it comes to love. Find out the ways to improve your love life, too.

A Course in Real Feng Shui

Chinese Feng Shui is the most comprehensive method for assessing and improving the flow of Qi in properties and their surroundings. This is a complex system which assesses a property through the Five Elements, Yin/Yang, Ten Stems, Twelve Branches and Sixty-four Hexagrams—all of which shape your property potentials and affect your health, relationship and wealth.

A Course in Chinese Astrology

Have you ever wondered what the key to true prosperity and happiness is? Do you wake up each morning with that ‘I should be achieving more’ thought sailing through your mind? You’ve done everything possible to change the tides, yet the harsh waves of life still come crashing through.

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Mila K.